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College and Financial Empowerment Celebrates Success

Last week, the College and Financial Empowerment Program had the absolute pleasure of recognizing, celebrating, and honoring our program participants in all component areas: Academic, Financial Empowerment, and Technology. We were pleased to welcome a full house of family and friends, whose support made the event feel truly special. Program …


The Importance of Preserving Retail Diversity

When gentrification enters a community, it doesn’t just impact low-income individuals and families. Rather, the small retail businesses, or mom-and-pop storefronts, that contribute to the vibrancy of a local economy are often pushed to the peripheries. For instance, according to a recent WBUR segment by reporter Simón Rios, many local …


“We Shall Not Be Moved”: IBA’s 50-Year Dedication to Equitable Community Development

In 1968, the words “no nos mudaremos/we shall not be moved” rang throughout the South End, as a group of Puerto Rican activists – the future founders of IBA – fought against an urban renewal initiative threatening to displace residents from the Boston Redevelopment Authority designated Parcel 19. Having fought …


Looking Through a Historical Lens: One Scholar’s Perspective on IBA

As part of April’s focus on IBA’s history, we will hold a historical forum next week featuring prominent individuals who have contributed to the foundation of IBA. We interviewed Mario Small, who will be on of our esteemed guests. With a Ph.D. from Harvard University, he has published books and numerous …


Elsa Mosquera: Creating Artistic Spaces for Latinx Talent

Our Arts Program is an integral part of our community and our organization. With Villa Victoria Center for the Arts being the largest Latino Arts Center in all of New England, Arts Director Elsa Mosquera is responsible for sourcing Latinx talent from all over the world. Dedicated to diversifying the city …

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