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FAR ROCKAWAY, NY - NOVEMBER 4: Destroyed beach house in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on November 4, 2012 in Far Rockaway, NY
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Disproportionate Devastation: The Impact of Natural Disasters on Low-income Communities

Within a period of two weeks, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma swept through the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Texas and the Southeast, causing mass displacement, billions of dollars in damages, environmental contamination, the unfortunate loss of many lives and concern throughout our community, as many residents worried about the safety of their …


Josean Ortiz: Married to the Theater

Josean Ortiz loves to talk. As a producer, director, and an actor, he is certainly never at a loss of things to talk about. His hands fly around in excitement as he describes his upcoming work, two shows which feature only him on stage. While most would shy away from …

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New Program Gives Low-Income Families Access to Cultural Institutions

On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) introduced a program that will provide low-income residents with free or reduced admission to more than 100 venues in the state. Card to Culture provides the discounts to anyone with an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card, which currently includes 758,000 residents. The program is …

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Empowering Residents Through New Programing

In an effort to impart long-lasting financial security & success in our community, we recently introduced the improved College and Financial Empowerment Program (CaFe). Tiana Bonner, CaFe Director, is leading the change in the hopes that this new program will provide low-income families with the tools and knowledge they will need …

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Beyond City Limits: The Affordable Housing Crisis in Rural America

This year, we’ve explored the critical need to preserve the financial accessibility and socioeconomic diversity of Greater Boston, from policy to local activism. However, the cost of living is rising in many other U.S. communities, with residential expenses acting as a major component. According to a 2017 U.S. Department of …

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