Isabella Mellado 02

Portraits of a Young Artist’s Journey

Capturing the human experience on canvas has always been a driving force in the art world. There is something about depicting human emotion that mesmerizes observers and artists alike. Each of Isabella Mellado’s strokes on the canvas are painted with this sole purpose, capturing emotion. Every face painted portrays an …

Rep Rushing Meeting III-2

Steps to Give our Youth the Opportunities they Deserve

We know the important role of youth in our communities. We also know that young minds need stimulating opportunities in order to grow and become leaders. This is why at our Youth Development Program young people participate in dynamic workshops, thought and planned yearly in accordance with their interests. Our youth …


We Can Help You Leave Unemployment Behind

Lately, economists have claimed that our country’s status is “Full Employment.” This term doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no unemployment, but as an article in NPR stated: “there are enough jobs for the number of job seekers.” However, an overwhelming number of people still feel that this explanation does …

Villa Victoria
Affordable Housing

IBA Moves Forward in 2016

As we continue into the New Year, we’re excited to see some of the progress being made, both here at IBA and more broadly in Boston to preserve affordable housing. First, we are thrilled to have been selected by the Boston Housing Authority to revitalize the West Newton/Rutland Streets project …