Giving Needed Assistance and Benefits to our Residents

During the course of our 50 years, IBA- Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción, has been at the forefront of the fight towards equality. We believe that every individual is deserving of a high quality of life and it is our mission to advocate for those rights. This is why our Resident …


The Importance of the Arts in Early Childhood Development

At IBA we recognize the important role and the benefits of the arts in the development of people, whether adults or youth, It’s never too early to start or too late to take advantage of them. Art is a language that allows us to express and develop our ideas and …


¿Qué Sigue Después de la Escuela Secundaria?

La escuela secundaria es un momento difícil, ya que representa un contexto académico y social muy propenso al estrés, y además acompañado de incertidumbre – típica de este período de transición. Tener entre 16 y 24 años significa que es hora de empezar a pensar en el futuro, en cómo …


What Happens After High School?

Being in high school can be a difficult time due to academic pressures and social context; and accompanied by a feeling of uncertainty — a signature of an important transitional period. Being between 16 and 24 means that you have to start thinking about your future, how to be economically …


Día de la Mujer: Historias del Éxito de Latinas

Las mujeres y todas sus contribuciones son un componente de gran valor en nuestra sociedad. Contrariamente a los estereotipos a los cuales estamos acostumbrados, las mujeres latinas son pioneras en un amplio rango de sectores. Desde diseñadoras de importantes líneas de metro, creadoras de vehículos de exploración espacial y hasta …


Women’s Day: Stories of Latina Success

Women of all backgrounds have made insurmountable contributions to every fiber that makes up the tapestry of society as we know it. Contrary to overly exposed stereotypes, Latina women are successful trailblazers in a wide range of fields and capacities. From designing metro lines, to sending rovers into space, and …

Affordable Housing

Up Next for 2016: Renovating Residencia Betances

It’s been a busy 2016 so far for IBA. In addition to launching the West Newton/Rutland Streets revitalization project, we are thrilled to announce that we have officially closed financing on another renovation project, this time at Residencia Betances. Residencia Betances has been a part of the IBA family for …