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Our CEO Vanessa Calderón-Rosado is Awarded as a Woman of FIRE

This past Friday, IBA CEO Vanessa Calderón-Rosado was honored as one of Banker & Tradesman’s Women of FIRE at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Boston. The award recognizes women who have made a lasting impact on the financial, insurance and real estate industries. Vanessa joined 13 other esteemed women, who are mentors, philanthropists, leaders and innovators, who have devoted their …


Relive the Excitement: Festival Betances 2016 Recap

For the past 48 years, Festival Betances has brought together the Latino communities of Boston and beyond for a three-day event. This celebration of culture and customs occurs once a year in mid July with the hope of bringing friends and family together in a welcoming environment. Those that are …


Finding Beauty Everywhere: An Interview with Ricardo Maldonado

On Friday night, July 8th, at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, Ricardo Maldonado opened his show “De Aquí y de Allá” to the public. He is an artist originally from Spain who has been in Boston for many years. With bold, contrasting colors and images of familiar scenes in …


Don’t Lose Year-Long Lessons: Tips for Keeping Education in your Child’s Summer

It is a common known fact among school teachers that children tend to forget a lot of material from the previous school year over the summer. On average they have to spend four to eight weeks re-teaching these same things and losing valuable time where your child could be learning …