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Empowering Residents Through New Programing

In an effort to impart long-lasting financial security & success in our community, we recently introduced the improved College and Financial Empowerment Program (CaFe). Tiana Bonner, CaFe Director, is leading the change in the hopes that this new program will provide low-income families with the tools and knowledge they will need …

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Beyond City Limits: The Affordable Housing Crisis in Rural America

This year, we’ve explored the critical need to preserve the financial accessibility and socioeconomic diversity of Greater Boston, from policy to local activism. However, the cost of living is rising in many other U.S. communities, with residential expenses acting as a major component. According to a 2017 U.S. Department of …


One Hood vs. BPD: Playing For Community

On a warm afternoon this past Friday, the Blackstone Community Center came to life as the One Hood All-Stars trickled onto their home court. Hip-Hop music underscored the excitement as players greeted each other with high fives and began to warm up. It’s hard to believe there was a time …

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A Changing Neighborhood: Gentrification in the South End

Over the course of the past few decades, Boston has undergone extreme transformation, particularly in historic neighborhoods like the South End. As one of the oldest organizations in the area, IBA has had a front row seat to its changing landscape. Several large-scale developments are reshaping the South End, introducing …


Diversity, A Key to Success for Our Children

Integrating diversity in our classrooms means more than enrolling students from a variety of multicultural backgrounds; it means, including lessons about their heritages, languages, and customs. When teachers create an environment that not only acknowledges diversity but celebrates what makes all of these cultures unique, then students can grow socially …