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Maloney Properties: Sustaining the IBA Community

The IBA community is strong, but it has not thrived for the last 50 years all by itself. As a continuation of our focus on affordable housing, we interviewed María Laboy, the Senior Property Manager from Maloney Properties, to learn more about all the work they do for Villa Victoria …


Angel Vázquez: Revealing the Real Puerto Rico

IBA: You’re the star of “Hecho en Puelto Rico.” Tell us a little bit more about the premise of this play. Angel Vàzquez: This is a monologue about a student in Puerto Rico who wants to leave the island as soon as possible. He receives a phone call from his …

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Stabilizing the Housing Market: Recent Initiatives Focused on Increasing Availability and Reducing Displacement

The burden of rising living costs and a competitive housing market are pervasively shaping the constitution of our communities. According to a recent survey that polled 115 mayors across 39 states, 51 percent of respondents indicated that a lack of affordable housing is the top reason why residents move out …