snow days

Who Said Snow Days Are Boring Days?

Who Said Snow Days are Boring Days? Snow days have paralyzed the city of Boston and the region, have caused delays in almost every mode of public transportation, and have left many parents indoors with their children; with very limited options. IBA knows only too well the challenges this can …


Impacting lives, sharing experiences. This is the story of Jovany Meléndez

For us, at IBA, it’s important and gratifying to realize that we are making a difference in the lives of the participants of our community, that every day we forge a better future through each of the people who are or were part of our programs. We feel very happy …

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Healthy habits for the whole family

It is always important to remember that education begins at home; parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and anyone under your household are the ones responsible for the first habits and knowledge of our children. And that knowledge also means cultivating healthy habits that will go with us throughout life. At IBA, we …