Diversity, A Key to Success for Our Children

Integrating diversity in our classrooms means more than enrolling students from a variety of multicultural backgrounds; it means, including lessons about their heritages, languages, and customs. When teachers create an environment that not only acknowledges diversity but celebrates what makes all of these cultures unique, then students can grow socially …

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Housing Boston 2030: Where We Stand & What’s Next

As we discussed in a recent blog post, local and national policy stands to significantly shape the future of affordable housing in Greater Boston. The ability – or inability – to successfully lower living costs and preserve accessibility for all residents will largely determine the socioeconomic and cultural fabric of …


One Hood: Forming Connections On & Off the Court

On July 12th, we tipped-off our eleventh year of the One Hood Basketball League, providing a safe space for local teenagers to “just play ball and not worry,” as Angel Lopez, our One Hood Commissioner said. At first look, it may not seem that Boston’s neighborhood streets can be a …

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2017: Mid-year Update on Affordable Housing

As we discussed in January, 2017 is and has so far proven to be a critical year for affordable housing. The decisions made by President Trump and his administration will have a significant impact on the housing market with important resources at risk, such as the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit …


“The Silent Crisis II”: The Importance of Equal Representation in Leadership

Over the past few decades, Boston’s residential demographics have transformed drastically. According to Mayor Martin Walsh’s Imagine Boston 2030 report, more than half of today’s Boston residents are people of color – up from one-third in 1980. As Boston continues to grow richer in cultural, ethnic and racial diversity, we …


A Wealth of Community Opportunities

We’re constantly working to “empower and engage individuals and their families to improve their lives,” and this past month we held two resource fairs in order to introduce opportunities that residents of all ages would enjoy. Last week, we held our first annual Academic and Career Fair in partnership with …


The Critical Role of After-school and Summer Learning Programs

The Trump Administration recently announced its first full budget for next year, which proposes to eliminate funding for 21st Century Learning Centers, that are federally funded academic enrichment centers for at-risk children attending high-poverty, low-performing schools. As an organization that provides after-school programs to similar populations, it is important to …


Easy Activities To Keep Your Kids Learning From June to August

Students will be let out of school in the coming weeks and some parents are scrambling to find the right summer programs, camps, and daycares for their children; but our parents are at ease with our year-round Preschool. In fact, our teachers are excited for the unique opportunities for learning, …


Youth Build Community Family

It becomes increasingly more difficult to engage and build relationships with our youth nowadays, which is why we are so grateful to all of those who make our Youth Development Program (YDP) possible and provide a safe space for teens to grow. “We completely created a family feel. They are …


The Importance of Arts Funding: Our CEO on Cityline

This past Sunday, IBA CEO Vanessa Calderón-Rosado was featured in Channel 5’s award-winning urban news and feature magazine program “City Line,” in a segment focusing on the importance of funding for the arts. She was joined by Anita Walker, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), of which IBA …