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Volunteer in Boston this Summer

During the summer months many of us have more free time, but not a lot of things to do. This time of year is a great opportunity to become more active and lend a helping hand to your community. For this reason we decided to come up with a list …


Affordable Housing in Boston, a Problem with a Solution

At IBA, we strive to give meaningful opportunities to the residents of our community. Providing comfortable and affordable housing is a necessity to guarantee the wellbeing of all individuals. A well-kept living space is a cornerstone to the quality of life every person deserves. IBA’s portfolio currently has 521 affordable housing …


IBA’s Youth a Motivation for our Community

We know that the future of our community is in the hands of our youth. They are the ones who will be responsible to carry on the legacy of change and to keep on shaping the world in a positive way. At IBA we strive to let them know that …


IBA’s Youth Organizers Actively Defend Youth Jobs Funding

IBA believes in the importance of youth jobs, they offer opportunities for young people to support their assets and build others, provide structure, responsibility, and build upon professionalism. IBA’s youth, from 13 to 19 years old, have formed a group which is part of the Youth Jobs Coalition. They receive …