Create Memories, Lessons, & Ornaments with Your Child this Holiday Season

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Spending time with family in December is one of the best parts of the season. You share old stories and make new memories while going through your holiday traditions together – like cooking special meals, watching your favorite holiday movies, and decorating the tree. This year, add to those memories and make more that will last for many years to come by decorating your tree with some of these homemade ornaments. We’ve created a list of easy “Do It Yourself” ornaments – with materials that can be found mostly at home – for you to make with your child this season!


Using large and small popsicle sticks and glue you can cover your tree with snowflakes. While decorating these snowflakes you can explain the process of snow to your child, or ask them if they know what makes snow to test their weather knowledge.


Put together a button tree with old and mismatched buttons from your sewing kit. This is a great activity for you to teach your child about the different types of trees – talking about these different trees can be tied to their learning about the different seasons, like how a maple tree has the big colorful leaves in the Fall or how Christmas trees are pine trees.


Teach your child about the importance of recycling and how it affects the environment by repurposing some paper towel and toilet paper rolls to make large and small stars for your tree. You can either use string to hang them as ornaments or make it into a tree topper.


Make this ornament into a yearly tradition – it’s a fun way to see how much your child has grown from year to year. Your child can compare the size of the reindeer each holiday and they’ll see how big they are getting.


Turn your family photo into a tree decoration, while making this ornament talk to your child about your holidays cultural traditions. Explain why these are traditions you have now so they understand their heritage.

Homemade ornaments serve as a great reminder of your best holiday memories that you’ve made as a family. Not only this, but when you’re making these decorations together you get to teach your child new lessons that will help expand on what they’ve already learned in school. In fact, many of these lessons are taught in our preschool. We’re open year-round so students can continue their learning as the seasons change; and our multicultural & bilingual curriculum teaches students about culture. Our preschool is open for enrollment now, click here for more information.

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