IBA’s Preschool Reflecting their Community

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Our bilingual preschool is characterized by its diversity. Children from all different backgrounds come together and learn about each other in an inclusive environment. We strive to make it a place where they can bring their unique experiences, speak their minds, and find common ground while celebrating their individuality.

For this reason, we decided it was time to update our mural to reflect our community, our children’s dreams, their capabilities, and to promote inclusive diversity. All of IBA’s teachers brainstormed, and came up with ideas and they all had one thing in mind. “They wanted something to represent all groups, something multicultural,” said Kathleen Nichols the director at the preschool program. “Something that starts a conversation and reminds the community where they came from.”

Thus, a volunteer design student conducted interviews with the staff and came up with a concept of purposeful representation. The draft was put on display at the preschool so that parents and children could give their opinions. After receiving positive feedback, IBA got down to business.

The final mural will display abstract elements representing all of our programs, as well as Puerto Rican cultural heritage, African roots, and even some professions like Doctor or Nurse, all things that our children aspire to be.

Last Saturday four volunteers from Boston University and Jumpstart along with Nichols started preparing the mural for painting. They painted the wall with primer, covering cracks and imperfections. There are a few more phases to go before the mural will be ready to be painted, including making the stencil.


In line with its message the final mural painting was an inclusive event with the children, their parents and other members of the community which took place in June. Our preschoolers interacted with their community as they worked to make the school more beautiful with the ideas they themselves had.

The painting process was led by resident and artist Rafael A. Carrasco. This mural wouldn’t have been possible without his help and expertise.


We would like to thank our volunteers for donating their time and efforts and Home Depot for donating all of our supplies for this project.

We are very proud of the finished product, it is beautiful!


Your donations are what make all of our programs possible. Together we can keep on building a brighter future for our children. To make your contribution visit:

If you’d like to donate your time, volunteer at IBA’s preschool contact Joanna Fuentes or Valerie Laboy.

Phone: (617) 927-1740 .




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