The work of Leonardo March through “Bullicios” in Boston.

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Inspired by cultural elements and people who give life to Boston, Puerto Rican artist, Leonardo March, presented at IBA’s La Galeria,Bullicios“, a photographic exhibition that show us his perspective on gatherings, festivals, protests and collective community actions that shape our city.

What can we find at Bullicios?

This exhibition is a picture of Boston’s cultural and political life. Every image is incomplete, so it is a work in progress. Bustle is an attempt to break the tourist image of Boston.

Tell us a little about the type of work you do and the goals you want to achieve through your works.

I attempt to document life in the city. Perhaps this subject attracts me because of my studies on history. I see my photographic work as a means to produce a document from which you want to look ahead.

How did you get involved with IBA and what motivated you to perform exposure?

I have friends working and collaborating with IBA. I also think IBA fulfills a social and cultural mission. When I was proposed to be part of that mission, I could not pass up the opportunity.

What has your experience at the exhibit been like?

I was surprised by the reaction of people to seeing the diversity of events in Boston. Many do not know what’s going on in their city. I also liked the interpretations of the audience about some of my images; it confirmed to me that many times each photo has several stories, which as a photographer, I hadn’t discovered until much later. This learning process occurs through the words and opinions of others.

What do you think of IBA and its efforts to promote art?

I think IBA carries out a great social work by promoting cultural and artistic life in Boston through the exhibits presented in La Galeria, the Festival Betances and other events.

Leonardo March, graphic designer and photographer studied History at the Mayagüez Campus, where he discovered photography as a form of expression. He came to Boston in 2001 to study and immerse himself in the world of photography and document reality at political events and street festivals. While March is currently working as a graphic artist designing book covers, his passion for photography is still not lost.

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