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Maloney Properties: Sustaining the IBA Community

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The IBA community is strong, but it has not thrived for the last 50 years all by itself. As a continuation of our focus on affordable housing, we interviewed María Laboy, the Senior Property Manager from Maloney Properties, to learn more about all the work they do for Villa Victoria residents.

IBA: When did your relationship with IBA and Villa Victoria begin?

ML: Maloney Properties, Inc began our partnership with IBA in August 2005, when we took over the property management responsibilities for the Villa Victoria community. We currently manage seven properties for IBA.

IBA: What does taking care of the resident’s properties involve?

ML: Property management involves the oversight of all aspects of the properties. This means that we are responsible for ensuring that the properties are physically and financially stable and in compliance with all state and federal regulations. This includes rent collection, repairs in resident units, enforcement of the lease and rules and working closely with ownership and the residents to ensure a safe and thriving community.

IBA: What are the challenges?

ML: Every day presents a different challenge in property management: from program compliance, management of capital improvement/renovation programs, to snow removal.

IBA: What’s the most rewarding part of being involved with IBA?

ML: It is extremely rewarding to be a part of a community that is so rich in history and has an active resident group. It is also fulfilling to be able to provide residents with a home that’s affordable, safe, and secure.

IBA: Can you give us an example of a good memory or interaction you’ve had with residents here?

ML: There are many wonderful memories and success stories at Villa Victoria. We’ve had families who have been able to move out and become homeowners, and children who have graduated from universities with full scholarships. The renovation of RBI provides residents with beautiful new common space.

IBA: What’s the difference between managing a regular community and an affordable housing community?

ML: The only day to day difference is the affordable housing compliance requirements. It is important to provide excellent customer service, be responsible and respectful when working with all resident communities.

IBA: What makes Villa Victoria different from other affordable housing communities?

ML: I believe the biggest difference is its location in the city of Boston, the resources available, and the role it has played in the history of affordable housing.

IBA: In your opinion how important is the preservation of affordable housing communities in Boston?

ML: It is essential that community groups work together with stakeholders to not only preserve, but to find new and creative ways to ensure that the residents of the City of Boston can easily find affordable housing. Prior to moving into the Villa Victoria community, some families were on our waitlist for over 10 years. There should be more options so families do not have to wait so long.

We’re so grateful to Maloney Properties for making Villa Victoria a happy, sustainable place to live and allowing the IBA community to continue to flourish. To stay up to date with what’s going on in our neighborhood, join our Coffee Hour taking place every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3PM.

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