Below is a list of tools available for all Youth Program Development Program and College and Financial Empowerment Program participants.

Use these free resources to explore different career paths and determine which one is the best for you.

  • MassCIS– The Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS) is the Commonwealth’s career information delivery system.  MassCIS is an interactive system that combines a wealth of occupational, labor market, and educational information into one comprehensive, easy-to-use- career exploration tool.
    • Username: bunkerhillcc
    • Password: bunkerhillcc
  • Skills Assessment-Use this Free tool to create a list of your skills and match them to job types that use those skills.
  • Interest Assessment-Use this Free tool to rate activities you enjoy, your personal qualities, and school subjects you like. Then you can see which career clusters are a match for your interests.
  • Personality Test– Use this Free test based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality.
  • Workplace Values Assessment – Use this Free test – the basis for all the ethical decisions you make. Read more about how values are important in the workplace.
  • What Can I Do With This Major? – A great source of information on 80 different majors, typical employers that hire students in this field, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.
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