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Elsa Mosquera: Creating Artistic Spaces for Latinx Talent

Our Arts Program is an integral part of our community and our organization. With Villa Victoria Center for the Arts being the largest Latino Arts Center in all of New England, Arts Director Elsa Mosquera is responsible for sourcing Latinx talent from all over the world. Dedicated to diversifying the city …

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Empowering Latinas Through Service to the Community

The month of March is deemed National Women’s History Month: a time to remember and appreciate the ways that women have contributed to the history of this country. In recognition of the celebration, we interviewed IBA CEO Vanessa Calderón-Rosado about her experience as a female leader in the field of …

FEMA Transitional Shelter Assistance Program
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The Transitional Shelter Assistance Program: Waning Aid for Puerto Rican Evacuees

Although nearly six months have passed since Hurricane Maria made landfall, Puerto Rico still requires extensive aid. The storm, which caused approximately $37 billion in housing damages, has left more than 400,000 people still without electricity and many living in unsafe or unsanitary conditions. Individuals and families that have been displaced from their homes …

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Maloney Properties: Sustaining the IBA Community

The IBA community is strong, but it has not thrived for the last 50 years all by itself. As a continuation of our focus on affordable housing, we interviewed María Laboy, the Senior Property Manager from Maloney Properties, to learn more about all the work they do for Villa Victoria …


Angel Vázquez: Revealing the Real Puerto Rico

IBA: You’re the star of “Hecho en Puelto Rico.” Tell us a little bit more about the premise of this play. Angel Vàzquez: This is a monologue about a student in Puerto Rico who wants to leave the island as soon as possible. He receives a phone call from his …


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