Providing financial security to the residents of Villa Victoria is one of the goals of the Financial Empowerment Program, which supports low-income families with the tools and knowledge they need to manage their finances, understand their credit and generate savings. Thanks to our new Financial Empowerment Coordinator, Nathaniel Arias, we will be able to continue providing individualized advice geared toward bringing stability to families living in IBA’s affordable housing community. Check out our interview with Nathaniel below to learn more about his plans for the program and how our community will benefit from this new financial education.

Could you tell us a little about yourself, your training and what it was that motivated you to get involved with IBA?

My family and I immigrated to the United States when I was only 6 years old and although this country has given us a lot, it’s a fact that for people who have different customs and culture, this is not so easy. While my family did their best to adapt, my siblings, my cousins ​​and I helped out as much as possible, following our cultural tradition of “Los menores ayudan a los mayores haciendo los favores” (young ones help adults by doing favors). Having to resolve situations at a very young age forced me to learn concepts that often involved banking, credit, finances, services. This later led me to study finance and logistics management thanks to a scholarship I received from the Boston Housing Authority. I was able to graduate from Northeastern University and it was a humbling experience to know that my own community had wanted to invest in me and support my goals of studying at a great university. As they say, "It takes a village to raise a child", and since I’m no longer a child, it is now my turn to be part of this “village” and support the growth of others.

What is your position and what kinds of opportunities will be offered to the community this year?

I am the Financial Empowerment Coordinator for the Financial Empowerment Program. I'm here to help all residents and to offer my support with any matters related to financial empowerment, credit and the credit building through rent reporting initiative.

This year I too, like so many other people, had financial difficulties and I had to sit down and create a budget, fix everything up, and then I helped my family in this same way. That is what I am offering residents. A service in which we sit down together like a family and we help them organize their finances and other matters.

The Financial Empowerment Program offers 1:1 consulting for residents, and we are also implementing virtual workshops to provide short and concise videos on specific topics so that everyone can access the information they need at their own pace, without having to dedicate hours at a time to that purpose.

How do you identify with IBA’s mission and how will it be represented through your program in the community?

I feel very aligned with IBA’s mission. As I said before, one of the principal reasons I decided to get involved with the organization was because of its mission to support those in need. I have a lot to offer residents who need help with their finances. I am here to share knowledge and empower them to learn. I want them to see me as a family member who is here to help.

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