College & Financial Empowerment

The Program increases opportunities for low-income residents of the South End/Lower Roxbury neighborhood to obtain high school credentials, transition to post-secondary education, and gain financial empowerment through financial literacy education and coaching.


IBA’s College and Financial Empowerment Program is an innovative educational development and financial empowerment partnership with Bunker Hill Community College. Serving as a mini-satellite campus of Bunker Hill Community College, IBA offers a unique model of a college campus in the heart of an affordable housing community.

The program has a strong coaching, case management component. The success Coaches guide students through the enrollment process and financial aid system; link students with tutors and learning specialists; help students create educational plans and walk them through the required courses for completion of a certificate or degree program; and connect students with employers. The program offers scholarships, childcare, books and test fees, as well as academic advising.

The Program offers:

Financial Empowerment and Credit Building Services

Need help with money? We have the best advice here at IBA!

Managing your money can be complicated, from loans, credit cards, part-time work, and bank accounts. Knowing how to handle these things can save you time and money! At IBA, we understand these things are important to keeping your family healthy.

How do I set up an appointment? Please contact our Financial Empowerment Specialist Nathaniel Arias Velez at (617) 535-1769 or Credit Specialist Jeasebelle Soto at (617) 819-5498.

High School Equivalency and College Bridging Services

Read about how our High School Equivalency program is helping people achieve goals and obtain accredited education credentials! How do I set up an appointment? Please contact Rafael Medina, Chief Program Officer at (617) 535-1753

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