Celebrate Half a Century With Us
For 50 years, we’ve worked to build affordable housing, learning opportunities, economic mobility, and creative spaces for the people we serve; and together, we can build even more in the future.
Never Miss Another Arts Event!
This season, we’re excited to welcome talented performers like Roy Brown, Armando Manzanero, and Teatro Breve to Villa Victoria Center for the Arts.
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Let’s Build Community!
We’re constructing a small-scale brick house with your donations in Plaza Betances to commemorate our 50th Anniversary. We’ll put your name on each brick you purchase to thank you for improving the lives of our residents.
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Support the Massachusetts Fund for Puerto Rico
We’ve partnered with The Boston Foundation and the Latino Legacy Fund to raise money for the 3 million Puerto Ricans who need our help in the aftermath of Hurricane María, please consider contributing.
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National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award Recipient
Through various workshops with a strong arts component, our youth gain the confidence and leadership skills necessary to impact change in their communities.
The Gift of Education
Give your child the opportunity of starting their education at our bilingual preschool. We are currently accepting new students for the 2017 academic cycle.
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Vibrant cultural celebrations – engaging artistic experiences
Creativity comes alive at the events that we host in a number of facilities. Meanwhile, our art gallery houses exhibits that explore interactions of culture, while exciting the mind. Uniquely performed beauty sparks conversation in our Arts Program.
The structure and stability to make a change
Residents of the Villa Victoria neighborhood are part of a dedicated community with a forward-thinking mindset. This haven of the South End provides stability for individuals to focus their minds on the future in the comfort of their own homes. It’s all thanks to our Sustainable Housing Program.
Inspiring passion and creativity in tomorrow’s leaders
Through our programs, people of all ages grow their confidence and their academic abilities in an individualized environment. It’s about finding a voice, and opening doors to the future. Get in on the learning with our College and Financial Empowerment Program